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M G Montpelier
Proud American

The American Dream

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Posted: almost 6 years ago | Views (576) | Comments (0)

In the early hours of daybreak
   As the rising sun gives birtth
To a new day,
   I often behold that time
Not so long ago,
   When every American
Shared in the "prosperity and success"
   Of the "American Dream".

It was the Golden Age
   Of America triumphant,
A time of economic peace,
   Social justice,
A strong middle class ...
   Prosperous, secure, and stable.

It was a time of
   Shared affluence,
A time when everybody
   Paid their fair share;
When every youth's dreams
   Were within reach;
And every American had
   A full-time, living wage job;
Affordable healthcare;
   And the promise
Of dignity in old age.

It was the high tide
   Of American freedom,
When all Americans
In "One Nation Under God";
   A time when
Every American trusted
   In the assurance
Economic security "for all"
   Was the cornerstone of democracy;
And every citizen
   Celebrated the worth
 Of the individual
   And the inalienable rights
Of "life, liberty,
   And the pursuit of happiness".

So much of that
We held dear
   Is gone now.
So much of the
   "American Dream"
We took for granted
   Is no more.

Oh, how my country yearns
   For those august days
Of yesteryear;  
   That time
Not so long ago
   When together
We shared
   In the "American Dream".

Penned by M. G. Montpelier, 2014






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