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M G Montpelier
Proud American

We Are America - Part 3 of the Trilogy

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Posted: almost 6 years ago | Views (7533) | Comments (1)

We are the People of America,
   A People born
Out of Liberty's struggle
   For an America
Of Freedom, Equality, and Justice.

We are a People conceived in the belief
   Of "freedom and justice for all"
And in the right and duty
   To "defend and protect."

We are a People
   Who've answered
The call of freedom
   For over two hundred years ...
Shedding our blood
   On a thousand battlefields.

We are a People with hardihood ...
   Both hardy and hardworking,
Honest, forthright, and generous,
   Resilient ... compassionate,
Long-suffering and patient,
   And ever benevolent in adversity

We are a People sacrificed ...
   Suffering and alone,
Citizens politically abandoned
   To financial interests
Of Power, Plunder, and Profits
   Who remain quietly mindful ...

How we live
Will be what we accept as a People

We remain Citizens all-committed
   To comprehensive reform,
Political and economic,
   And - above all - to a renewal
Of the American spirit.

We remain a People dedicated
   To keeping alive
America's birthright
   Of Freedom, Equality, and Justice.

And ... we remain a People of faith,
   Hope and trust
In "One Nation Under God",
   Confident the light of a new dawn
   To brighten our tomorrows.

We, the People of America ...


Penned by M. G. Montpelier, 2014



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Good food for thought - just in time for the State of the Union.

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